new rebranding done :D

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Hello there! We are finally done with something you will probably find as being totally pointless and useless. Well it might very well be, but at least we`ve ┬ámanaged to finish it. Our re branding is kinda done. As you can see above, that`s basically what our new logo will look like. We`re kinda freaky with this, we know. You all want shows and concerts and obviously music, and we`re giving you a new look. Well… we kinda see like if we don`t start of with the best image we can we might don`t be taken to serious at first, and who knows, maybe even loose a couple of chances. So! That being said, our twitter, facebook, last.fm and myspace (on wich we really really worked so very hard cause the whole HTML thing was really difficult for Jack , who by the way did all the re branding and implementing of the new designs) await you, and we`ll be back with some actual music before you can say “dog`s your uncle”.

dog the animal.


Changing all our webpages!

hey there!

today, meaning the 4th of October we are gonna publish our new brand to all of our web pages. Meaning changes in myspace, twitter, lastfm, facebook and of course our blog. pretty soon, we`ll have our web site working also. sooo, sorry for the inconvenience, and we hope you`ll like the new look.

we`ll be back shortly after the whole rebranding thing is done with an explanation as to why we did all of this changes! ­čśÇ

dog the animal


coming soon

we are working on our  set list. this is official. we are doing our best to have a concert by october at the latest. not gonna be easy. haven`t yet decided on a venue. but we gotta get this show on the road.

take care, and we`ll be back soon with more updates.


dog the animal


new custom links

we just wanted to let you all know we made some pretty cool (or so we think) links to all of our official pages on: twitter, facebook, myspace, last.fm and mail address (you can also add us on messenger at that ID). we`re very proud of them. i guess you noticed they are on the right side of your screen (left if you`re hanging from the ceiling). well try to keep all of those pages updated and running, and we can`t wait for you to add us and get in touch with the animal on any of those.

promise we`ll try to stay as close as possible!

take care,

dog the animal


Hello world!

We are Dog The Animal and for now this is gonna be our official blog and main site. We hope to have our site finished pretty soon. So until then we invite you to join us on all the diffrent pages we`re setting up fpr the band, you`ll find them in the “get dog the animal on” category in our links. We await any advice or complaint of any kind from our friends and fans.

Thank you and we can`t wait to see you soon!

dog the animal.

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